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A Taste of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #9.5) - Lara Adrian It was ok. But I can't say I liked it.

Why? Easy. It was too short.

I'm not ranting about the shortness itself. I believe it is absolutely possible to write good romance with a bit of suspense or angst or whatever in 70 pages. I do not believe the best heroine to choose for such a short story is one like Danika, who lost her mate some measly one and a half years ago. Like others here have said, it's totally ridiculous of any author to want us to believe in some sort of crazy bonding for life stuff and then have a character not only bounce back from losing such a mate in less than two years but also find another mate-for-life and live happily ever after without one backward glance.

Which is what bothered me the most here. Conlan and everything about his life with Danika is hardly ever mentioned. That's not closure.
It's bad enough when it happens in novel-length stories. In a short story that also has some plot besides the romance going on, it's even less believable.

Aside from the fact that yes, it was an enjoyable read because it WAS nice to read about Danika and her son and her possible HEA, I couldn't believe it, because there were so many issues not even mentioned, let alone resolved. And it makes me really mad that the only way romance authors deal with late spouses is by kind of diminishing the love they once had. We didn't see all that much of Conlan before he died, but he didn't deserve that and if LA hadn't for some incomprehensible reason thought that this would make a good short story; well, maybe she would have found a way to make the romance between Danika and Mal more believable. All they neeeded was a little more time.